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A Plea to Eliminate Manual Tag Wrapping

Tag wrapping is a pain for everyone involved. Not only does the process of manually wrapping tags greatly slow down the general ad serving process, but it can also lead to delays in updates for marketers who are working with multiple third-party vendors and even delays in the campaign launch. Consider this a plea to set aside the error-prone process of manually wrapping tags and to embrace the accuracy of automation.

Through server-to-server integrations with several key verification partners (including DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and Moat by Oracle), Innovid provides that much-needed automation. These integrations eliminate manual tag wrapping and generate tags with the correct integration configurations for each specific client and publisher. If that sounds like a dream, it is — at least for those of us who live in the realm of spec validation, tagging, and ad trafficking.

My team’s workflow becomes much more streamlined when we’re able to leverage these integrations. While we’d often have to field nuanced questions from marketers and publishers during a manual tag-wrapping process or troubleshoot implementation issues, these integrations remove the gray areas and preemptively address specific needs down to the platform and publisher level. We’re not the only ones whose lives are made easier by these integrations; marketers also express appreciation for the shortened turnaround times, the elimination of human error, and the minimization of data discrepancies.

Marketers, it’s time to reduce the number of excel spreadsheets you’re juggling and embrace automation. Reach out to your Innovid contact to learn more about how these integrations, which are available to both our self-service and managed-service partners, can help optimize your workflow while ensuring brand safety. Or, contact our team here.