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Advertisers Optimize Less Than They Measure. Why That’s a Problem.


Advertisers like you want their campaigns to perform better. 

The question is, how can you make that happen? How can you boost the effectiveness of your converged TV campaigns across linear, connected TV, and digital? 

Optimization is The Way

One way is by improving optimization. A recent survey by Innovid showed that too many advertisers are measuring their campaigns far more than they optimize them. We call that gap the converged TV disconnect

Our survey found that more than two-thirds (68.1%) of advertising professionals are measuring the performance of their converged TV ad campaigns at least once a week. At the same time, just 57.6% of advertising professionals say they’re implementing media optimizations for their converged TV campaigns at the same frequency. 


As TV moves inexorably toward its 100% digital future, advertisers can increasingly use data to understand almost immediately how their campaigns are performing. Then they can optimize by doubling down on what’s working. 


Optimize, Right Away

Advertisers can measure their campaign performance in two basic ways: via media performance and via creative performance. Advertisers can use data to quickly determine which media outlets are driving the desired outcomes and optimize by shifting budget to those publishers. Similarly, advertisers can rely on data to illuminate which creative executions are delivering the desired outcomes and move spend to the creative that is performing best. 

With immediate feedback on performance available for TV, advertisers no longer have to wait until a campaign has run to gain insight. Advertisers can put insight into action right away. 

Optimizing Creative: The Moneyball Approach

Advertisers have grown accustomed to quickly testing creative online. Now it’s possible to do the same thing on TV by tapping into streams of digital data. Advertisers can now create hundreds, even thousands of versions of TV spots, and analyze data to quickly determine which ones are driving the desired outcomes. This is not something in the far-off future. Disney recently introduced a beta dashboard, powered by Innovid technology, designed for real-time creative optimization. This dashboard will help advertisers use real-time consumer insights, such as website or app conversion data, to find which of its creatives are most effective — and shift more investment toward the winning creative execution to maximize ROI. 


Bryan Simkins, Global EVP-Creative Media Solutions, Publicis, says that advertisers are only now beginning to take full advantage of the optimization possibilities for the creative in their ad campaigns.


At Verizon, Karyn Johnson, VP-Digital Media, says her team has embraced a “moneyball” approach that is built around using data to optimize creative performance.

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CTV Is Transforming Television Advertising

Connected TV is poised to transform television advertising as we know it. In addition to enabling the optimization of TV ads, CTV is allowing advertisers to run advanced creative, which includes interactive ads and those containing QR codes. With the data generated by CTV, advertisers will have access to so much insight that their campaigns will be able to deliver unheard-of performance. It’s “revolutionary,” according to Publicis’ Simkins.  


How Innovid can help

InnovidXP and our new Instant Optimization feature enable advertisers to measure performance and manage their campaigns on the same platform, delivering increased efficiency and ultimately more effective advertising. From controlling frequency to reducing waste to allocating dollars against the best-performing creative, advertisers can deploy Innovid to take full advantage of converged TV’s capabilities today. 


Learn more about how Innovid can prepare you for the future of TV — today.