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Julia Berman - Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Adtech Empowers Industry Evolution: Predictions for 2023

If adtech embodied a person, by some accounts, it would be turning 28 this year. And, as with most humans, approaching the big 3-0 can bring plenty of adult growing pains, but also opportunities for lasting growth and positive change.

3 CTV Strategies to Spur More CPG Brand Loyalty

TV has long been a cornerstone for CPG advertising due to several factors. Many of their products are well-established, so there’s a need to maintain brand recognition via mass reach, as well as drive higher purchase volume and brand loyalty. Repeat ...

AdTech on Deck: Understanding VPAID vs VAST

Ahoy there, marketers. Welcome to our newest blog series, AdTech on Deck! We realize that in this ever-changing digital world, technical advertising terms and practices are as VAST as the sea. But it’s critical to understand the ins and outs of ...

Reimagine TV Advertising? We Did That—and There’s a Highlight Reel

Fragmented audiences, outdated legacy measurement, rapidfire shifts in consumer trends—and, most importantly, the resilience to overcome every one of those obstacles. That’s ad biz, baby. Campaign Magazine partnered with Innovid to interview some of ...

What the Heck is an Ad Server? And Why Do I Need One?

9 Cutting-edge QR Code Advertising Strategies

QR code marketing is so hot right now. Why? Because QR codes are interactive, accessible, and incite instant action on any advertising platform—even the ones you can’t ‘click.’ All consumers have to do is scan a code with their smartphone, and ...

3 CTV Advertising Takeaways from General Motors

What makes a standout ad in 2022? Adding value to the consumer. It’s no secret either–from measurements to personalized creatives, advertisers are more committed to deeply understanding their audiences than ever before.

Netflix Proves SVOD Might Be Going FAST

“Streaming’s first act was all about cord-cutting and content finally catching up to consumer preferences. But, pandemic-related or not, Netflix’s numbers, on top of Roku’s in February, show a pullback and the end of that first act. We’ve now ...



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