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Kelsey Wahl

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Relevance, Connected TV & Measurement: Top 3 Themes from NY Advertising Week

It’s been a week of stellar Advertising Week content from industry thought leaders including major brands, agencies, publishers, technology partners, influencers and more. With so many different types of speakers, it seems as though it would be ...
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2018 Video Goals from Top Brand Marketers

Video has gained major traction with brands—and it’s not slowing down any time soon. According to HubSpot Research, video was the number one type of content that consumers wanted to see from brands they support (54% want video—compared to 46% ...
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Data, Data, Data: Why Personalization is a Main Focus for Marketers

The topic of building one-to-one conversations with audiences has gained traction over time, but this year marks the acceleration of marketers strengthening their personalization strategies. In fact, marketers across the world named consumer ...
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3 Must-Know Tips for Better Facebook Video Marketing

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook has garnered a mass following of consumers around the world—and also created a name for itself as a top channel for video engagement. But Facebook is a unique channel, and thus requires unique video ...
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Women to Watch: Stephanie Geno

  Stephanie Geno, VP, Brand Solutions  The global spotlight is shining bright on women's stories and experiences, so we wanted to continue our Women to Watch series with insights and expertise from our Vice President of Brand Solutions, Stephanie ...
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Why I'm Cutting the Cord

The time has come for me to cut ties with my cable box. Don’t get me wrong — I love TV. I love it with a passion. Growing up, I spent most of my days after school watching cable from the minute I got home until dinner time. I look back on those many ...
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Patriots vs. Falcons: How to Stream the Big Game

The largest U.S. sporting event is nearly here, as the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots gear up to meet on the gridiron on February 5th at 6:30 PM EST. Whether you watch for the football or for the commercials, you have several different ...
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Connected TV Marketing is Taking Over 2017

Connected TV is quickly rising through the ranks as the best solution for marketers looking to reach their audiences en masse, but with the precision and addressability that is becoming increasingly crucial to drive impact with consumers. We’ve seen ...
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