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How a Financial Brand Accelerated Engagement Through a Pivot to DCO


As any marketer will tell you, personalization works. And it makes sense considering that our current digital world is brimming with content. You need to speak the language of your audiences and present them with messages that actually resonate. 

It’s not always easy to achieve this level of sophistication at the scale demanded by the plethora of channels which exist today. That is, if you don’t have a full-fledged creative management solution like Innovid. 

Fortunately, we’re able to share a story that validates this fact–extending well beyond the buzz and speculation around the web. In this piece, we detail how a financial brand enlisted a personalized approach halfway through their campaign. This is especially valuable as it yields a clean comparison (i.e. minimal confounding factors) between how a campaign might perform with and without dynamic creative optimization (DCO).

You can see the full case study here anytime. 

The campaign takes off 

This financial brand was seeking new opportunities to drive awareness of their cashback deals available via various partnerships. To accomplish this, the brand ran display ads which routed audiences to a renewal page where they could find out more information and sign up for deals. 

Initially, the campaign targeted users of partner apps, serving all audiences the same creative version. Curious to see if personalization could boost conversions, the brand turned their eye toward a dynamic creative strategy. 

Bring in the DCO!

Interestingly, the brand was about halfway through the campaign when they decided, with their agency, to leverage Innovid’s DCO technology to easily implement creative messages tailored to each of their target audiences. 

Using third-party data, the brand segmented their audience into categories for high/medium usage of the different apps. This allowed the creative to be versioned and personalized according to the interests of each segment.

Factors such as time-of-day and weather data signals shaped which creative version each group saw. By accounting for these nuances, the brand ensured their messaging reflected the real-time experience of viewers. 

Revealing results 

Ultimately, the results in the second half of the financial brand’s campaign validated the invaluable role of personalization in advertising.

Here’s a breakdown of results: 

  • 2.4x better click-through rate than benchmark* after personalization
  • 4.3x increase in campaign’s click-throughs after personalization
  • 79% decrease in cost per click after personalization

 *Innovid 2021 Global Benchmarks, Display CTR

Introducing personalization to your strategy might seem daunting at first–especially if you’ve never done it before. Yet clearly, the results speak for themselves. Not to mention, enlisting a partner like Innovid that brings DCO on the technical side and creative management on the support end is a tremendous help in achieving the volume of creatives necessary. And then, once you’re up and running, you can continue to hone your approach.

Read the full case study here.