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New Case Study: Mattress Company Awakens Powerful TV Advertising Performance With InnovidXP


Brands and agencies are learning that they risk falling short of their business goals by waiting to analyze advertising campaign performance. Instead, by measuring and optimizing a campaign in-flight with InnovidXP, advertisers can adjust creative on the fly to meet their goals. 

And that is precisely what Simba Sleep, a U.K.-based direct-to-consumer mattress company, did with its agency, Wake The Bear. Together, Simba and Wake The Bear used a performance-based TV strategy powered by Innovid’s measurement platform for their 2023 evergreen campaign. 

The results were undeniably strong. 


With InnovidXP, which enables household-level, impression-based measurement and optimization, Simba Sleep and Wake the Bear made weekly in-flight optimizations across creative, daypart, day of the week, station, and linear TV/sponsorship mix — based on response rate and online sales. The team used InnovidXP’s granular insight to uncover that 10-second linear creative executions delivered the same level of response, on average, as 30-second spots. By optimizing toward the shorter-length creative, Simba received the same performance at a fraction of the media cost. 

Ultimately, the campaign delivered ROAS that was 14% better than the previous year. Additionally, the campaign delivered a 14% lift in sales for Simba Sleep.

“Partnering with Innovid made gaining the necessary insight for understanding and optimizing our TV campaign really easy,” said Patrick Lynch, Head of Performance Marketing, Simba Sleep. “By taking advantage of the latest InnovidXP methodology advances, we were able to evolve our performance-centered approach, enabling us to make data-driven, in-flight optimizations through the campaign and immediately assess their impact.”  

To learn more about how Simba Sleep and Wake The Bear achieved their business goals, read the full case study.