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Fueling The Future of Creative with Auto Optimization

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When thinking about the future of creative, what comes to mind? Likely technology–perhaps something along the lines of artificial intelligence or the ad from Minority Report. But it’s not only about the process of building standout, unique creatives. It’s about making them smarter

Steve Jobs once said, “Creativity is just connecting things.” And if you work in digital advertising, that statement rings particularly true. Think about it this way, a standout ad is subjective. Therefore, you need proof around what resonates with your audience before investing more into it.

While both dynamic and interactive creative are strong players when it comes to advertising performance, they’ve been the focus of the industry’s innovation for roughly the last decade. This innovation has left creative ad experiences ready for flexible in-flight changes, and primed them to capitalize on the advantages of sophisticated, seamless auto optimization.

We know the future of creative will emphasize connecting the dots and fulfilling the promise of always-on intelligence for digital advertisers, this task is about tying performance to tangible actions that can capitalize on these learnings. To make this future a reality, Innovid has added some notable additions to our existing Auto Optimization solution.

Here are the big updates and what that means for you.

Innovid’s Auto Optimization Solution–What To Know 

OK, let’s start with the basics–what Innovid’s Auto Optimization solution is. To effectively and efficiently manage the growing number of creatives, learn which pieces work best, and ensure the optimal message is served, you need automation.

Innovid’s technology adjusts the rotation of ad creatives based on campaign goals. Different controls, methodologies, and metrics can be optimized against, including conversion rate, completion rate, and click-through rate. That’s the basics, but here’s what’s new.

Going Beyond Standard Auto Optimization

Each campaign is different and we realize that the modern marketer needs more control, methodologies, and information to confidently optimize. Below are some updates we’ve made to our Auto Optimization solution to help advertisers, test, iterate, and learn more about what is driving their success.

  • Statistical Significance Confidently optimize against consistent results by removing any fear of sample size error.
  • Creative Element Testing Test and learn to make in-flight changes based on the content in your creative.
  • Multiple Winners Accommodate for both short and long tail success by optimizing against conclusive results, not the first over the finish line.
  • Creative Insights Aggregate and analyze performance by variable to discover which combinations drive peak performance and inform future planning.

Looking Forward: More To Come

These types of creative insights and capabilities will only grow increasingly essential to advertising performance. The data is there, it’s just a matter of how you’re using it to drive optimal engagement. That’s where tools like Innovid’s Auto Optimization will really shine.

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