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Protect Your CTV Ad Dollars: Innovid Automates CTV Measurement with Leading Verification Partner, Oracle Moat


“Connected TV may be the media industry’s shiniest new toy, but it’s not squeaky clean. And CTV is certainly not immune to ad fraud.” —AdExchanger

There’s no two ways about it—if you’re running connected television (CTV) ads, you’re at risk for ad fraud. Fall victim to ad fraud, and you waste your media investment. With verification, impressions, and ad dollars at stake, marketers are in urgent need of a tool that can effectively—and automatically—detect fraudulent activity on CTV video ads. Thankfully, we’ve got a solution for that. We are excited to announce that Innovid’s unmatched ad serving footprint across 95 million CTV homes now automates advanced measurement features that actively address ad fraud on CTV.

Through our collaboration with leading verification company Oracle Moat, Innovid’s API-based solution now supports advanced features that protect clients from fraud by detecting sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) on CTV video ads. Oracle received Media Rating Council (MCR) accreditation for SIVT this year, and provides deeper, granular metrics such as impression-level invalid traffic (IVT), ad stitching (SSAI), device transparency, viewability, and attention across CTV devices.

Translation: Not only will advertisers stay better protected from ad fraud, but they’ll also gain a deeper understanding of their CTV media performance to make the necessary optimizations.

Save time and money—automatically

Innovid and Oracle Moat have been working together since 2016 to benefit our mutual clients. The new features added to our API-based solution help advertisers reduce turnaround time, error, and issues by avoiding manual implementation and supporting verification across every channel and device. Meaning, you’ll gain the transparency you need into CTV ad impressions and beyond.

No assembly required!

With our integrated solution, you can enable Oracle Moat CTV measurement directly from Innovid. Gain insights into viewable impressions and impressions in view per CTV publisher right from your trusted measurement provider.

“We know how important it is for our clients to protect their media investment. We’re proud to have expanded our work with Innovid to further automate advanced CTV measurement, and ensure our mutual clients gain trusted verification across their media buys,” said Irina Dzyubinsky, head of product, Oracle Moat.

“Transparency is critical to identifying fraud in CTV environments,” says Innovid’s Chief Product Officer, Dale Older. “As leaders in CTV, we are excited to further our collaboration with Oracle Moat and expand our automated solution, saving our mutual clients time and money with these new advancements.”

Interested? Request an activation directly from Oracle Moat here. To learn more about cross-platform unification with Innovid click here.