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Revolutionize TV Advertising with InnovidXP

by Innovid

The converged TV industry, accounting for $200B+ in annual ad spend globally, is continuously expanding across platforms, channels, screens, metrics, currencies, data sources, and beyond. As a result, today’s advertisers need independent, real-time, cross-platform measurement that is built for all TV – whether it’s linear, CTV, or addressable.

Enter InnovidXP – the first global measurement platform powered by ad serving data and creative personalization.  

The “superpower” behind InnovidXP comes from the massive scale of Innovid’s ad-serving footprint, which processes more than one billion TV impressions daily. Coupled with scaled linear data, the result is the most comprehensive view of audiences and advertising available today. Simply put, if an ad is airing anywhere from a Roku device to Tubi, InnovidXP sees every impression, every creative and every platform and ties it through to reach, frequency and outcomes. 

For advertisers, InnovidXP means having visibility into all platforms, including walled gardens. It means getting consistent measurement across linear, CTV and addressable. It means accessing real-time insights that inform media and creative optimizations – from which audiences they are reaching and who is responding, to deduplicating audiences across platforms and finding the creative messages that resonate best. It’s always-on, automated, actionable, independent intelligence that can inform every aspect of converged TV strategies, from transacting, to planning and buying 

Since our acquisition of TVSquared earlier in the year, the launch of InnovidXP is yet another testament to our commitment to TV measurement innovation. InnovidXP is uniting ad delivery, creative and measurement in one place to establish a single measurement platform for the future of video. 

Click here to learn more about InnovidXP, or reach out directly to our global team.