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TV is the talk of the town at Advertising Week NY


Advertising Week New York kicked off today with the typical crowded stairways, lack of food, and the week’s hottest topic – television. It’s clear that the market is ready for the transformation of TV, and many are here to discuss among peers what’s working, what’s needed, and how to measure it all.

With announcements from traditional TV companies like Ampersand (formerly NCC Media) focused on the power of AND, it’s obvious the TV marketplace is transforming to include traditional linear and addressable data-driven TV convergence to create new experiences for marketers like never before.

And Innovid is right in the center of this TV revolution with its thought leadership series The Future of TV is Now. In its second reprise, this series will unpack opportunities around TV measurement, creative, delivery and personalization with points of view from Roku, General Motors, Omnicom Media Group, Reckitt Benckiser, Nissan and S4 Capital.

The first session today focused on a major pain point for brand marketers – how to reach and measurement audiences across linear and connected TV. Moderated by AdAge’s Garett Sloane, this session featured Roku’s Alison Levin, Amplifi’s Mike Law, Omnicom Media Group’s Jonathan Steuer and Innovid’s Jessica Hogue to discuss a new partnership and what’s needed to bring new tools to the market creating a baseline for the full scope of TV measurement.


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The Transformation of TV Measurement

A big question marketers have in this convergent TV world, is how to measure it? Roku’s Alison Levin addressed the shift in viewership that is happening with 30% of viewers watching through connected TV but only 3% of spend allocated here. Questions from marketers persist around who did I reach on linear? Who did I reach on connected TV platforms and what’s the overlap?

To that end, Innovid and Roku made a major announcement today to solve this burning question, with a product that will finally answer this challenge for brands. The companies are partnering to bring a new analytics solution to market to measure and understand daily demographic reach and frequency on TV campaigns running across the connected and linear TV.

Choices, Choices, Choices

So with all the new streaming services like Disney+, Apple+, and more, how do you measure across everything?

Jonathan Steuer, Chief Research Officer at Omnicom Media Group addressed this question stating the biggest challenge is not ad supported vs. non-ad supported services, but really to answer the question - where the ads are going? By marrying Roku’s ACR data with Innovid’s ad delivery data – you can start to see a real picture of multi-screen delivery. You need to start with a baseline to then start to unpack attribution and performance metrics.


Connected TV for All

Another question poised to the group is what kind of advertisers are good for CTV right now? Mike Law, President of Amplifi said it best: “It’s good for everyone when used the right way. There’s still a big role for linear TV, but for the most part, if you look at the data, you are going to miss people if you DON’T use connected TV. Balancing this is really important.” He went on to say that TV still works, but now TV has the ability to work throughout the entire funnel to provide performance-based outcomes as well as brand awareness. More data and measurement will help us understand how to grapple with these two goals and understand the perfect formula for effectively reaching your audience and driving outcomes.

Innovid’s series The Future of TV is Now continues tomorrow at 10:30AM where we will hear from Nissan and Reckitt Benckiser on how to scale success in connected TV.