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Where Are Brand Marketers
Taking Their Video Strategy
in 2018?





Is your Video Strategy Ahead of the Curve?

For decades, marketers have understood the power of video, but it's no longer a "one-size-fits-all" medium. To dive into this concept, we surveyed top marketing executives from leading brands to measure how they use video, what data they use to inform strategies, and their goals for video marketing in the future.


In this report, we will examine how:

  • Leading brand marketers perceive their adoption of video advertising

  • Their beliefs about integrating data.

  • Adoption of KPIs to determine success

  • Plans and expectations for 2018 regarding the impact of video.


As video continues to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape, we can use the information from this survey to gauge where major brands are focusing their budget. What we can say with utmost certainty is that, ultimately, a successful strategy will marry the art of engaging video with the science of data-driven marketing.

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