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CTV x Commerce

Media & Creative Strategies to Build Loyalty & Drive Shoppable Experiences

CTV X Commerce - Media & Creative Strategies

The last few years have seen consumer behavior turned on its head – from the way shoppers find information, engage with brands, and purchase everything from groceries and clothing to electronics and even cars. 

Innovid teamed up with Roundel, Target’s retail media network, to create “CTV x Commerce: Media & Creative Strategies to Build Loyalty & Drive Shoppable Experiences,” a deep dive into these market changes and how both shoppers and advertisers are adapting.

Download for the complete analysis, plus case studies, best practices, Q&As, and much more. Check out some of the report findings: 

Report Highlights:

  • 21%

    of Target shoppers have purchased a product they learned about from a streaming ad (plus more findings from Target’s latest shopper survey)

  • 51%

    of CPG video ad impressions now go to CTV (and many other CTV findings from Innovid’s +110 billion video ad impression analysis)

  • 33%

    more interactive CTV campaigns ran from CPG advertisers in 2022 vs. 2021 

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