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Dan Mouradian - Vice President, Global Client Solutions

Closing the Loop of Creative Optimization with Consumer Insights

A college professor of mine used to say, “If the world’s greatest artist never showed their art, no one would know they existed.” His argument was simple - the world has to both see the work and react to it before they can form any consensus about ...

Creativity Is A Bright Spot Amidst Identity Signal Loss Anxieties

With Apple’s September 20th operating system update, iOS 15, came even more anxieties for advertisers who lean on personalization to accomplish their business goals. First announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), updates included ...

Bringing Real-Time Sports Data to Advertising

It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since Oreo won the real-time marketing game with their ‘dunk in the dark’ tweet. Not only did that stroke of brilliance go viral, but it also showed what was possible when marketers were hyper-focused on ...

What CTV Advertisers Should Learn From The Past

Advertisers are creatures of habit. They optimize to find what works and then aim for scale. It serves them well in a data-driven world, where their every move must be justified by ROI, but can also prevent them from achieving unimaginable results. 

Ditch Your Ad Builder, There’s a Better Way

I don’t want to shock the world here, but creative is crucial to performance. You can target media perfectly, implement data signals that allow you to deeply understand your audience, and at the end of the day if you’re just showing them the same ...

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