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Closing Time? How to Easily Switch From Amazon/Sizmek to Innovid

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If this blog post were a song.

It’s been almost four months since Amazon announced its plan to close its ad server business. Closing time is approaching: If you’re an advertiser, the clock is ticking on making the switch to a new provider. 

In looking to move on from Amazon/Sizmek, advertisers should understand that Innovid isn’t a replacement. It’s an upgrade. More than 50% of the top 200 advertisers in the U.S. rely on the Innovid platform for critical advertising infrastructure. 

Here are five reasons why these advertisers trust Innovid, and why you should, too:

  1. Simplified Switchover and Onboarding. Moving your ad serving to Innovid is painless. The four-step process includes kick-off and onboarding; in-person training; campaign activation; and ongoing, world-class support. 
  2. Declare Your Independence. As an independent platform, Innovid is an omni-channel ad server for everything from video to display. Our platform is a data-driven juggernaut, designed for integrations with the best-in-class players to more effectively deliver ads, streamline workflows, and drive performance. As we approach a 100% digital TV future, Innovid is uniquely positioned as the CTV platform. 
  3. Personalization Is the Wave of the Future. With dynamic creative tools, Innovid is a DCO leader. We can help you develop relevant and interactive ads to optimize creative performance. With our personalization capabilities, we can help you reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right creative.  
  4. The Data You Need to Instantly Measure and Optimize Your Campaigns. Driven by more than 1 billion MRC-accredited impressions processed daily, the Innovid platform empowers you to measure and deliver on your business objectives. We deliver granular, trustworthy reporting to measure your campaign performance across devices and channels. 
  5. Person-to-Person Support Is Always Available. For ad serving, Innovid supports you through asset validation, QA, trafficking, custom insights, and reporting. Robust self-service plans are also available.  

Innovid has moved many former Amazon/Sizmek customers, including leading tech brands, over to our platform. We understand that ad servers are essential advertising infrastructure for brands, agencies, and publishers. Innovid’s ad-serving technology helps you upload creatives, define delivery parameters, implement creative strategies, track campaign performance, and garner insights. 

If you’re moving from Amazon/Sizmek — or simply looking to upgrade your ad-serving capabilities — have a conversation with us today