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The One-Two Punch of Independent Global Ad Serving + Measurement at Scale

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This year, VAB launched its quarterly webinar series, VAB Measurement Innovations. We were thrilled to kick off the series, as Innovid's TVSquared President, Jo Kinsella, and Innovid's General Manager of Measurement and Industries, Jessica Hogue, discussed why the powerful combination of independent global ad serving and cross-platform analysis is so transformative for the TV industry.

When TV ad serving and measurement join forces

In the webinar episode, “Unlocking Cross-Platform TV Measurement”," Jo and Jessica described how, combined, TVSquared’s enterprise-grade, cross-platform TV measurement platform (now InnovidXP) and Innovid’s unrivaled CTV footprint capabilities are propelling the full TV ecosystem forward—providing an independent, future-proof solution for ad serving, measurement and creative personalization in one place.

Check out the video recording below!

Additional resources to learn more 

Hungry for more? We thought you might be. Here are a few resources to learn more about the power of joining cross-platform ad serving and measurement.

Today’s Innovations in Measurement, Q1 2022: VAB’s report features InnovidXP case studies on how advertisers in key categories are using cross-platform analytics to drive incremental reach, audience exposure and more.

The Great Unification of Converged TV: We surveyed advertisers about the challenges and opportunities aligned with a unified view of converged TV advertising. The findings represent insights from more than 250 brand and agency marketers.

Innovid, Reimagine TV Advertising: Our explainer video that details how Innovid unifies ad delivery, dynamic creative personalization, and cross-platform measurement across the total TV and digital universe. 

The Power of InnovidXP: Through the combined power of linear and CTV ad impressions, InnovidXP delivers marketers an accurate and consistent cross-platform approach. Discover case study snapshots, KPIs by verticals, and actionable takeaways today.

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