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The Power of InnovidXP

A Look into Cross-Platform Measurement by Ad Category

The Power of InnovidXP

As audiences shift to streaming, advertisers are adopting measurement solutions that account for the holistic, cross-platform viewing experience—encompassing audiences who watch on linear and streaming, and those that prefer the broader digital video mix. 

With the acceleration of CTV and the longstanding market share of linear, Innovid is focused on measurement innovation to support a global converged TV marketplace, providing the “metrics that matter” when it comes to evaluating campaigns success, inclusive of audiences reached across platforms and the direct outcomes driven by TV advertising. Key metrics most often used across converged TV campaigns included incremental and unique audience reach, reach and frequency, and a variety of online and offline outcomes.

With 6+ billion ad events processed daily, and coverage that includes 95+ million households, Innovid empowers thousands of advertisers to measure linear and CTV, together, through InnovidXP—a cross-platform measurement solution leveraged across 75+ markets and all verticals.

InnovidXP unlocks the combined power of linear and CTV to maximize audience reach and manage TV ad campaign efficiency, effectiveness, and frequency. 

Download “The Power of InnovidXP” lookbook to learn more.

Highlights Include:

  • KPIs by advertising verticals, including Auto, QSR, Finance, CPG, DTC, and more
  • InnovidXP case studies that cover linear and CTV ad campaigns
  • Actionable takeaways for improving cross-platform TV advertising


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