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InnovidXP Picks Up Streaming Steam in Germany & U.K.

Rising to the Converged TV Challenge in the U.K. & Germany 

Even in markets such as the U.K. and Germany, where streaming has had a slower roll in capturing viewers and a larger share of TV ad investments, it’s no longer enough to deploy a traditional TV-only strategy to effectively reach audiences at scale. Nor is it effective to look at TV as linear vs. streaming, and measure each channel in silos. To be truly effective with TV investments and measurement strategies, advertisers need to think like their audiences and viewers. Meaning, they must embrace the converged TV marketplace. 

The reality is: your audiences are not distinguishing between platforms and channels, they just want the content, and it's up to advertisers and measurement solutions to ensure that we are leveraging cross-platform TV analytics to connect with them in more meaningful and valuable ways. 

Expanding Cross-Platform TV Measurement 

In October 2021, InnovidXP expanded its cross-platform TV measurement and outcomes product into the German and U.K. markets to enable brands to consistently measure linear and streaming in a single solution and leverage new metrics to prove the power of converged TV. We also recently added to the scale of our global cross-platform TV measurement footprint, announcing a partnership with The Trade Desk to provide converged TV analysis to select advertisers in the U.K. and Germany. 

These moves were designed to help advertisers and publishers prove the value of CTV in terms of incremental reach, and future-proof their investment strategies as more brands leverage a unified approach across multiple platforms, inclusive of streaming and traditional linear. 

Linear & CTV, Better Together

By 2023, more than 66% of the U.K. population and 63% of the German population will be consuming content via CTV. This demonstrates the need for the continued quest for new metrics and standards that support a converged TV marketplace filled with different platforms and options for advertising – from programmatic, broadcast, cable, direct streaming, and beyond. Fragmentation has actually helped the industry settle on moving to a new standard metric, making impressions the commonality across all forms of TV. This means different datasets are now leveraged for linear measurement, such as household-level viewership data from smart TVs, ACR panels, and other direct sources.

The adoption of new linear impression-based data will provide new metrics, such as audience reach and outcomes at the household level, and enable a consistent count for linear and CTV, delivering granular cross-platform analysis on reach and frequency, such as deduplicated audience reach, incremental reach of CTV and linear, and by individual platform performance. Cross-platform is not about “either-or” – linear and CTV are better together and measurement can back that up.

The need for unified, consistent measurement is resonating with marketers. In fact, according to our recent report “The Great Unification of Converged TV,” 92% of marketers surveyed said gaining a unified view of linear and CTV is important, while 80% increased their converged TV investments year over year. Additionally, the IAB recently reported that more than half of ad buyers plan to focus “somewhat” or “significantly” on cross-platform measurement.

With the availability of InnovidXP in the U.S., U.K., and Germany, cross-platform measurement will continue to become more widely adopted around worldwide – and by advertisers that want to look at metrics across markets.

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