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Introducing Innovid iQ 2.0

During the start of the global pandemic marketers needed more than just a static understanding of trends to build relevancy, adapt quickly, and advertise effectively. We listened and launched our Innovid iQ dashboard as an open, free service for the advertising industry -- focused on giving marketers an accurate weekly view of the evolving video ad landscape. Our dashboard culled data from every Innovid run campaign, representing approximately one-third of all U.S. video investment. 

The acceleration we saw in 2020 of viewers migrating from linear TV to connected TV has rewritten the rules for how to reach and engage consumer attention across an increasingly diverse and fragmented landscape. While the 2H 2020 year-over-year impression growth in CTV is impressive at +76%, it’s within the vertical insights where the story really gets interesting. CPG (+117%), Pharma (+109%), and Telecom (+148%) all saw triple digit growth with the pandemic.

As 2020 is now behind us (and we won’t be looking back), unfortunately, many parts of the globe are still experiencing rolling lockdowns and economic uncertainty. These days, it can seem like there are more questions than answers - but one thing is for sure, audiences will continue flocking to streaming video as a source of entertainment (the next big binge show) and CTV will remain a bright spot in digital marketing during these difficult times. 

As the media landscape converges, our global brand partners have chosen to consolidate their delivery and measurement needs with Innovid. Today, we’re excited to announce we’ve revamped the Innovid iQ dashboard based on your feedback to share global video trends by device, publisher, and vertical featuring year-over-year trends. We’ve also included more takeaways you can leverage for planning and optimization of your campaigns. After all, as we learned when we were younger, sharing is caring. 

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