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Brand Marketer Starter Kit

With all of the global shifts one thing remains certain: brands that have agile, relevant messaging will continue to win consumers over in both prosperous and challenging times. The difference between now and the past decade of personalization is that while the concept is not new, behaviors, technology, data, and devices available today demand an updated mindset and approach.

According to Innovid’s Global Video Benchmark Report, 335% more engagement was achieved with dynamic and or interactive content ads as compared to standard ads.grey line (1)

Want to learn how to stay ahead of the trends, maximize your campaign personalization efforts, and ask the right questions? You are in the right place. The Brand Marketer Starter Kit provides easy to implement strategies to create maximum engagement in an omni-channel world. This six part report covers:

  1. Trends and Predictions to Stay Ahead:
    • Consumers crave connection, not just content
    • Readdressing addressable media
    • Prioritizing creative agility
  2. A Personalizer Primer to Help you on your Journey:
    • Picking when to personalize ads
    • Understanding why you would want to personalize your messaging
    • Reaching your target audience on the right channels
    • The data and content that you should consider
    • Five things you need to know about devices
  3. 12 Questions to Ask Before you Execute including:
    • What data are you using to inform ads?
    • What level of personalization have you previously achieved?
    • What creative elements can you personalize?
  4. Common Scenarios to Consider such as:
    • Being new to personalization
    • Striving for cost-effectiveness
    • Managing creative swapping
    • Incorporating CTV into your media mix
  5. Best Practices for Better Results:
    • Setting up for success
    • Tips to keep in mind
    • Additional resources

Whether you’re new to personalization or want to better understand new trends, this starter kit has something for everyone. Download it today!

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Brand Marketer Starter Kit
Brand Marketer Starter Kit
Brand Marketer Starter Kit