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Research & Case Studies for Connected TV Marketers





Connected TV growth is exploding,
and there’s no room for traditional, one-size-fits-all advertising in the new living room.

In this report, discover insights and success stories from Volvo, Modi Media, and true[X] on how they’re transforming the commercial experience for the interactive, CTV audience.


In this report, you'll find out how:

Adding interactive, TV-to-mobile features can increase your sales lift


CTVOffering options to engage in-the-moment prompts immediate action



Personalizing messaging and creative increases engagement


To keep up with the new era of television, your main mission as a marketer is to truly provide value to CTV viewers that caters to the ability to search, use many devices, discover personalized recommendations, and binge multiple episodes at a time. There is a lot of opportunity to maximize your brand impact on the big screen, so fill out the form to the right and download your copy of the report to get started.