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OpenAP Selects Innovid as their Digital Partner for XPm, TV’s Cross-Platform Measurement Framework

Marketers are having a tricky time navigating the constantly evolving TV space, in part because of technological differences between linear and connected TV (CTV). Common obstacles center around audience targeting complexities and an inability to easily measure and evaluate their CTV performance side-by-side with their linear TV initiatives. Historically, marketers have had no choice but to measure audiences targeted across linear TV completely separate from digital, impacting measurement efficacy. However, technological developments have made the TV ecosystem increasingly digital, enabling a plethora of new possibilities for targeting, activation, and measurement. 

OpenAP, the advanced advertising company bringing simplicity and scale to audience-based campaigns in television, is one of the companies pioneering the future of unified audience-based buying through their recently announced XPm cross-platform measurement framework. XPm is built on the central TV identity spine, OpenID, which maps campaign exposure data with third-party measurement companies in privacy-safe environments. To fuel the critical delivery data for proper measurement across digital, OpenAP chose Innovid, a leading independent connected TV (CTV) advertising delivery and measurement platform, as their digital partner. 

“What OpenAP has done is truly innovative, revolutionizing audience targeting and cross-platform measurement across the TV ecosystem,” says Tal Chalozin, CTO and Co-Founder of Innovid. “We’re proud to be supporting this initiative as their independent and accredited digital data provider as they undergo the challenge of tackling audience reconciliation across linear and CTV.” 

Through the partnership, Innovid Key Connect facilitates the ingestion of OpenAP’s OpenIDs to seamlessly match digital impressions and exposure data across all OpenAP publishers and devices including desktop, mobile, and CTV. From there, OpenAP partners with participating XPm measurement companies to reconcile both digital and linear TV delivery within XPm and provide unified-cross platform reporting to advertisers.

On top of the numerous benefits that OpenAP’s XPm measurement framework provides, Innovid's platform enables the following benefits:

  • Independent & Accredited The widest breadth of MRC-accredited metrics from any buy-side ad server, free of media buying conflicts.
  • Census-Level CTV Scale An unparalleled ad serving footprint across over 95 million CTV homes — a near-census view of the 108 million total CTV homes.
  • Interoperable Directly integrated with Innovid Key, Innovid’s Identity framework, allowing for secure, privacy-compliant sync with OpenID. 
  • Streamlined Workflow Innovid’s professional services team and platform automations make it easy to activate.  

The solution is available now for both existing and new clients of Innovid and OpenAP’s. Read more about Innovid’s interoperable identity resolution solutions or chat with our team about how you can directly benefit from the partnership.